SFDA U11-U12 Div 3 Boys & Girls U11 Div4 King James Contacts

 SFDA U11-U12 Div 3 Boys & Girls

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  Weekly Schedule

  Club Team SEP 15 SEP 22 SEP 29 OCT 13 OCT 20 OCT 27 NOV 3 NOV 17 NOV 24 DEC 1 DEC 8 JAN 12 JAN 19 JAN 26 FEB 2 FEB 9 FEB 23 MAR 2
1 NDSC Devils A2 H3 A4 H5 A6 H7 A8 H2 A3 H4 A5 H6 A7 H8 A2 H3 H4 A5
2 CCB Rebels 07 H1 A8 A3 H4 A5 H6 A7 A1 H8 H3 A4 H5 A6 H7 H1 A8 H3 A4
3 SDU Guardians H7 A1 H2 A8 A4 H5 A6 A7 H1 A2 H8 H4 A5 H6 H7 A1 A2 H8
4 SFC Flash H6 A7 H1 A2 H3 A8 A5 A6 H7 A1 H2 A3 H8 H5 H6 A7 A1 H2
5 SDU Devils H8 A6 H7 A1 H2 A3 H4 A8 H6 A7 H1 A2 H3 A4 H8 A6 A7 H1
6 CCB Strikers 07 A4 H5 H8 A7 H1 A2 H3 H4 A5 A8 H7 A1 H2 A3 A4 H5 A8 H7
7 SDU Strikers A3 H4 A5 H6 H8 A1 H2 H3 A4 H5 A6 A8 H1 A2 A3 H4 H5 A6
8 SUSC Spiders A5 H2 A6 H3 A7 H4 H1 H5 A2 H6 A3 H7 A4 A1 A5 H2 H6 A3

Scorekeeper:   Charlie Evans    Phone:    Email:   charlesg_evans@shaw.ca

No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 NDSC Devils   Contact Coach email Colin Thate 778-772-4230
          email Kevin Burden 888-888-8888
2 CCB Rebels 07   Contact Coach email Jay Moore 7788824830
          email Gary Purewal 604-725-9949
3 SDU Guardians   Contact Coach email Miles Wheeler 604-603-2179
          email Alexander Gerbrandt 604-788-6261
4 SFC Flash   Contact Coach email Sanjay Pal 604-329-3268
          email John Chandara 778-322-6035
5 SDU Devils   Contact Coach email Eric Fechter 604-649-6891
          email Robert Cairns 778-875-7328
6 CCB Strikers 07   Contact Coach email Taimoor Khan 778-990-3234
            Raj 604-897-3417
7 SDU Strikers   Contact Coach email William Holmes 604-353-2367
          email David Senyard 604-836-1722
8 SUSC Spiders   Contact Coach email Oliver Villagran 6045745787
  Wk#   Date Notes  
  4 6 OCT 18 Thanksgiving  
  9 10 NOV 18 Remembrance Day  
  14 15 DEC 18 Winter Break  
  15 22 DEC 18 Winter Break  
  16 29 DEC 18 Winter Break  
  17 5 JAN 19 Winter Break  
  23 16 FEB 19 Family Day  


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