SMSA District One 2016-2017 SMSA - U12 3A Contacts

  SMSA District One 2016-2017

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  Weekly Schedule

  Club Team OCT 15 OCT 22 OCT 29 NOV 5 NOV 19 NOV 26 DEC 3 DEC 10 DEC 17 JAN 7 JAN 14 JAN 21 JAN 28 FEB 4 FEB 18 FEB 25 MAR 4
1 VUSC V United A2 H3 A4 H5 H7 A8 H2 A3 H4 A7 H8 A2 H3 A4 A6 H7 A8
2 GAC Impact H1 A8 A3 H4 H6 A7 A1 H8 H3 A6 H7 H1 A8 A3 A5 H6 A7
3 CCB X man H7 A1 H2 A8 H5 A6 A7 H1 A2 A5 H6 H7 A1 H2 A4 H5 A6
4 SFC Speed H6 A7 H1 A2 A8 A5 A6 H7 A1 H8 H5 H6 A7 H1 H3 A8 A5
5 CCB Dynamite H8 A6 H7 A1 A3 H4 A8 H6 A7 H3 A4 H8 A6 H7 H2 A3 H4
6 GAC Spurs A4 H5 H8 A7 A2 H3 H4 A5 A8 H2 A3 A4 H5 H8 H1 A2 H3
7 CCB CRS United A3 H4 A5 H6 A1 H2 H3 A4 H5 H1 A2 A3 H4 A5 H8 A1 H2
8 SUSC Vipers A5 H2 A6 H3 H4 H1 H5 A2 H6 A4 A1 A5 H2 A6 A7 H4 H1
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 VUSC V United   Contact Coach email Mandeep Pannu 604-722-7450
2 GAC Impact   Contact Coach email Brent Russell 604-930-5126
3 CCB X man   Contact Coach email Malvinder Bindra 604-339-8392
          email Tony Spare 604-328-6295
4 SFC Speed   Contact Coach   Gary Mason 778-929-3631
          email Daisy Guru 604-781-7591
5 CCB Dynamite   Contact Coach email Parandeep Hero 604-807-8001
          email Manraj Hothi 778-388-0065
6 GAC Spurs   Contact Coach email Yady Sandhu 604-957-5251
          email Joy Parsons 604-358-5050
7 CCB CRS United   Contact Coach email Jaggy Bains 604-600-7273
          email Jaswinder Phangura 604-727-3466
8 SUSC Vipers   Contact Coach email Walter Pineda 604-726-3338
  Wk#   Date Notes  
  5 12 NOV 16 Remembrance Day  
  11 24 DEC 16 Winter Break  
  12 31 DEC 16 Winter Break  
  18 11 FEB 17 BC Family Day  


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