U10 Dev Bravo Team Schedule

 SFDA U11-U12

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field

Division Scorekeeper:   Charlie Evans    Phone:    Email:   charlesg_evans@shaw.ca

16 DEC 17 LUSA Hall SUSC Supra Sat   *Contact Coach
13 JAN 18 SFC Pegasus LUSA Hall Sat   *Contact Coach
20 JAN 18 LUSA Hall SDU United Sat   *Contact Coach
27 JAN 18 SUSC Celtics LUSA Hall Sat   *Contact Coach
3 FEB 18 LUSA Hall NDSC Hawks Sat   *Contact Coach
17 FEB 18 SUSC Arsenal LUSA Hall Sat   *Contact Coach
24 FEB 18 CFC Black 08M LUSA Hall Sat 10:30AM MapSouth Surrey Athl 10-South
3 MAR 18 SUSC Supra LUSA Hall Sat   *Contact Coach
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 SDU United   Contact Coach Jon Rogers 604-999-8647
          Thomas Huggon 604-946-3989
2 SUSC Celtics   Contact Coach Frank McCann 6042308472
3 NDSC Hawks   Contact Coach Steve Rothmund 604-868-3050
4 LUSA Hall   Contact Coach Bobbie Hall (604) 897-0139
5 CFC Black 08M 10:30AM Map South Surrey Athl 10-South Kurt Friesen 604-802-7494
          Brandy Friesen 604-836-2484
6 SUSC Supra   Contact Coach Steve Grewal 6043180759
          Leslie Calandra 6042092565
7 SFC Pegasus   Contact Coach Sergio Rodriguez 604-441-9762
          Smiter Kaila 778-839-8468
8 SUSC Arsenal   Contact Coach Eric Neil 604-833-6390.
          Sue Hartford 604-340-9044


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