Girls Div 3 U11 Gabriola Team Schedule

 SFDA U10-12 Div 3 Boys & Girls

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field

Division Coordinator:   Steve Couper    Phone: 604-889-5102    Email:

Division Scorekeeper:   Scheduler : Charlie Evans   Phone:    Email:

21 OCT 18 SDL Turre CFC Bayern Munich Sun   *Contact Coach
28 OCT 18 CFC Bayern Munich CFC Real Madrid Sun   *Contact Coach
4 NOV 18 SDU Ravens CFC Bayern Munich Sun   *Contact Coach
11 NOV 18 SDL Singh CFC Bayern Munich Sun   *Contact Coach
18 NOV 18 CFC Bayern Munich SUSC Fire Crackers Sun   *Contact Coach
25 NOV 18 CFC Bayern Munich BCT Lioness Sun   *Contact Coach
2 DEC 18 SFC Ladybugs CFC Bayern Munich Sun   *Contact Coach
9 DEC 18 CFC Bayern Munich SDL Turre Sun   *Contact Coach
16 DEC 18 CFC Real Madrid CFC Bayern Munich Sun   *Contact Coach
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 SDL Singh   Contact Coach Avi Singh 604-587-5775
2 CFC Bayern Munich   Contact Coach Mathew Alexander 604-889-4561
3 BCT Lioness   Contact Coach Nisha Litt 778-302-2945
4 SFC Ladybugs   Contact Coach Harry D'Souza 778-322-9421
          Pravjit Takhar 778-223-2884
5 SDL Turre   Contact Coach Ravi Turre 604-377-7284
          Neal Aven 604-572-5602
6 CFC Real Madrid   Contact Coach Mahmood Ladhani 778-846-7867
7 SDU Ravens   Contact Coach James Cybulski 604-368-5788
          Michelle Dodds 604-943-3647
8 SUSC Fire Crackers   Contact Coach Mike Cain 604 576 6960
          Trena Janzen 604 575 4005


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