U10 Div 4 Interlock Team Schedule

 SFDA U11-U12

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field

Division Scorekeeper:   Charlie Evans    Phone:    Email:   charlesg_evans@shaw.ca

16 DEC 17 NDSC Gunnerz NDSC Force Sat   *Contact Coach
13 JAN 18 NDSC Reapers NDSC Force Sat   *Contact Coach
20 JAN 18 NDSC Force SDU Blue Bandits Sat   *Contact Coach
27 JAN 18 SDU Raiders NDSC Force Sat   *Contact Coach
3 FEB 18 NDSC Force SDU Strikers Sat   *Contact Coach
17 FEB 18 NDSC Red Devils NDSC Force Sat   *Contact Coach
24 FEB 18 NDSC Force NDSC Vipers Sat   *Contact Coach
3 MAR 18 SDU United Kingdom NDSC Force Sat   *Contact Coach
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 SDU Strikers   Contact Coach Andrew Gower 604-367-2248
          Cameron Mitchner 604-351-3001
2 NDSC Red Devils   Contact Coach Gurdip Ibarra 604-617-4462
3 NDSC Vipers   Contact Coach Vinay Chand 604-763-7324
          Bradley Breedveld 604-365-4241
4 SDU United Kingdom   Contact Coach Kevin Mack 778-288-0048
          Jennifer Graham 604-721-7307
5 SDU Team Coates   Contact Coach Robert Coates 604-505-6922
          Christopher Hermesmann 604-562-6569
7 SDU Destroyers   Contact Coach Geoffrey Dolejsi 604-353-0196
          Tracy Hood 604-551-5140
8 NDSC Gunnerz   Contact Coach Mark Vanderende 778-882-1236
9 NDSC Force   Contact Coach Arshpreet Mander  
10 SDU Blue Bandits   Contact Coach Tanya Ling 604-209-3435
          Lisa Dreolini 604-345-3133
11 SDU Raiders   Contact Coach Brian Palmquist 778-387-7507
          Brian Cheralley 604-940-3585
12 NDSC Reapers   Contact Coach Peter (Shane) Roberts 604-596-2226


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