U11 Div 4 King Arthur Team Schedule

 SFDA U11-U12

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field

Division Scorekeeper:   Charlie Evans    Phone:    Email:   charlesg_evans@shaw.ca

16 DEC 17 SUSC Fusion SDU Wolves Sat   *Contact Coach
13 JAN 18 NDSC Arsenel SUSC Fusion Sat   *Contact Coach
20 JAN 18 SUSC Wolfpack SUSC Fusion Sat   *Contact Coach
27 JAN 18 SUSC Fusion SUSC Superstars Sat   *Contact Coach
3 FEB 18 CFC Real Madrid SUSC Fusion Sat 12:30PM MapMorgan Creek West
17 FEB 18 SUSC Fusion SUSC Tornadoes Sat   *Contact Coach
24 FEB 18 SUSC Stampede SUSC Fusion Sat   *Contact Coach
3 MAR 18 SDU Wolves SUSC Fusion Sat   *Contact Coach
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 SDU Wolves   Contact Coach Andrea Frustaci 604-805-2685
          Travis Taylor 604-307-2360
2 SUSC Fusion   Contact Coach Darcy Stolte 6048074647
          Kristi Stolte 6045766443
          Diego Pastres 6043661070
3 SUSC Wolfpack   Contact Coach Michael Buksh 7782887664
4 SUSC Superstars   Contact Coach Sayaaz Ali 604-518-1395
          Rozina Ali 604-722-5446
5 CFC Real Madrid 12:30PM Map Morgan Creek West Trevor Vellenoweth 604-374-5707
          Dave Maniquet 604-970-0897
6 SUSC Tornadoes   Contact Coach Harjinder Binning 6047645356
7 SUSC Stampede   Contact Coach Katalin Paziuk 6045919415
          Nathan Paziuk 6045919415
8 NDSC Arsenel   Contact Coach Jagdeep Billing 778 875 0121


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