To enter teams, download the spreadsheet, list teams then send the sheet to your league representative

Entry Levels
  1. Div 1 aka Gold – the best teams in the club below MSL.
  2. Div 2 aka Silver – strong teams that lose 8 out of 10 games to Gold teams.
  3. Div 3 aka Bronze – regular teams that lose 8 out of 10 games to Silver teams.
  4. Div 4 aka House – enthusiastic soccer teams with new coaches and players.
Development U11 and U12

3 District is scheduling U11 teams. Please enter your best U11 teams. At U11 and U12 3 District  has 2 levels of skill.  The league will decide the make-up of the U11 and U12 flights in late August.

Shared Fields

When two teams are sharing a field and time they are called “sharing or paired teams”. To accomplish this we schedule one team playing at home while the other team plays away. If you want to pair teams simply assign the same field and time to each team.